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Well, it's about time I think to write another commentary. I keep delaying it every week just because it's hard to sit down and come up with things to write about - or can I say hard to remember what things I want to write about. This commentary might be longest one so far, then again, it might not.

A few WWE PPVS ago I was at the house watching Jamie Noble vs. Hurricane Helms for the cruiserweight strap. While I was watching the match I started thinking, "What if he would have listen to Paul Orndorff two years ago, where would he be in this biz today?" Let me explain what MR. WONDERFUL said, which disturbs me to this day and probably always will. After we got released from WCW, Jamie and I were determined to get back in no matter what we had to do. So the first thing we did was to work every independent around. Why not, WCW was paying us for 90 days to sit at home and do nothing, so every week we were somewhere from Alabama to South Carolina wrestling; that's all we did was wrestle. Every few weeks we would go back to the Power Plant to poke our heads around to see if we could get back in the company; its always better to be seen then to be forgotten. One day I was driving to Florida, I believe, and the phone rings: it's Jamie Noble on the line. He was like "Guess what? I saw Orndorff today." "Oh yeah, what did he have to say" Hoping to hear good news from Jamie, but that was not what came out of his mouth. Orndorff said, "No matter how good I get or how much I change my look I will never do anything or be anything in the biz. He said I should quit wrestling and get a real job because no company will ever hire me again because I'm to small." "I said what did he say?" He said to quit and get a real job because WCW, WWF, ECW, or JAPAN will never use me. Jamie pretty much walked out of the office and didn't know what he should do next, and I had no idea what to do either because whatever Paul Orndorff told him was meant for me, also. So at that point in our career we could have easily quit, and it didn't help that a pretty big name in the wrestling biz told us to give up. Pretty much Orndorff put us in a depressed state of mind. After a couple of weeks of that in our heads, ECW was in Tennessee. Good, this might be the best place for us. Jamie and I decide to head to the show with our tapes and our gear thinking we could get a work out in. I have done it before, where you workout before the ECW show starts, so I didn't see any kind problem since they always have open try outs. Well, we get to the show only to have security block our entry. We tried so hard to get in they just wouldn't budge. We handed our stuff to somebody, I forget who it was. We were sooo bummed that we drove 3 hours or so just to get nowhere. Well, that's all I can think about on the way home. How worst could it get? We kept saying we might as well just quit. Well, all of the sudden I see break lights and I slammed on the breaks and slid about 50 feet hitting the truck in front of me. This was just great!!!!! Of course this truck didn't even get a bent bumper but my Saturn's front end was destroyed. WHAT else could go wrong. I'm thinking. So we finally arrived home more depressed then we left and a $1000 worth of damage to my car.

WELL, WELL, WELL, guess what, where is Jamie Noble now? I wonder what Paul Orndorff has to say now? Its funny how we didn't listen to his advise, and now Jamie is WWE CRUISERWEIGHT Champ. Right now I am doing good on the wrestling scene went overseas for a while and have built a decent name on the indy scene so PAUL THANKS but NO THANKS.

A month ago WWE had house show so I drove 2 hours to meet up with Jamie, and he is doing really good up there. I met up with Dean Malenko, also; I haven't seen him in 2 yrs or so as soon as I walk in the building what is he doing? I could see him watching people in the ring, working out, giving them advise. One of these days I will have a chance to show what kind of match me and Jamie can have at a WWE show. I'm not sure when it will happen but it will. I was really surprised how the locker room was really cool, everybody was friendly and I knew most of the people there, which was great.

Recently me, Mamaluke and Rave had a chance to do a tourney down in Hollywood, FL, for HCW. I have finally had the chance to wrestle Reckless Youth, The King Of The Indies. I have heard his name for years now, and finally had a match with him, and pretty good one for the first time working him, hopefully we will work again soon. Mamaluke has come up with a Jimmy Rave song, it is very, very good once we come up with the entire song I might have to post it. It is hilarious

NWATNA: Yes, there is another promotion that has started since I last posted. It could be the next place to make some money. I went to the very first show in Alabama with a few people and I was very impressed with it. Backstage reminded me of the WCW Saturday night crew, which was great. The next couple weeks I watched from home and was surprised with production and all around good show. Since I work for NWA GA, Bill Behrens was nice enough to get me a dark match for NWATNA - this would be their first show at the Nashville Fairgrounds. I was hoping to work in the big arena, but as always as soon as I get a chance the company down sizes to a smaller venue. My match was against Kevin White from Tennessee. I have never wrestled him before or heard of him. We were told to go 7 min. Well, that was would have been easy but the ref couldn't hear the cue through the earpiece. So, finally the ref says finish up now. So we did as plan. Well, I walk to the back all I can here is, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? You were supposed to go 7 min not 9 or 10." I was like, "What are you taking about?" We pretty much got blamed for nothing. Luckily everybody figured out that the earpiece was not working so the ref couldn't hear the go home, that is why my match went long for all sheets that reported it. So that was the end of my TNA tryout. Not sure when I will be back, since the office never said one word to me about the match. No matter how many times I call Jeremy Borash, he refuses to pick up the phone, so he will never give me an answer either.

ROH ROH ROH This was probably the best indy show I have been on. Me, Mamaluke, Adam Jacobs, AJ Styles, and David Young drove up to Philly, which seemed forever to get there. I believe it took about 11hrs or so. I do know one thing Adam Jacobs AJ and David have the worst taste in music ever, and Mamaluke will vouch for me. I thought I was riding in a car with a bunch of teenagers when David Young puts PINK in the CD player. The Ring of Honor show was great. These fans were great. It was like wrestling in Japan. They love the wrestling and respect what you do in the ring. I wrestled Mamaluke in the first match and the crowed ate it up, we did a very simple match which they loved. I believe there were about 500 or so fans I'm not sure how they could stand the heat in the building, but they did and so did I. I can't wait to get the tape of the show. The one guy that impressed me the most on the show was Doug Williams, he is very good. Take Chris Benoit and Steven Regal and mix them together that's is what Doug Williams reminds me off. I watched pretty much every match after mine, and they were all good, even fans stayed with every match. The Main event was 60 min 4 way. Doug Williams vs Spanky vs Chris Daniels vs Low Ki - how they pulled it off is miracle to me. I'm not sure if I could have done it. But they did. I recommend when that tape is available got to RFVIDEO.com to get a copy. I can't wait to go back up.

Well, I have to go now, so hopefully this commentary makes up for the lack of updates I have been doing.
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