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Hello to everybody that visits my new site. Whether you have seen me in WCW, on the Independent scene, or Japan; I don't care if you like me, hate me or have never even heard of me, obviously you have some interest in what this page is about and that would be ME! So I hope you enjoy this page and if you have any suggestions, questions or contributions, please let me or Jenn know. If you have any pictures of me, please send them in and we will give you the credit for it.

I plan on making this site, with the help of Jenn of course, one of the best ones out there. I will have many stories about Japan, along with pictures of my adventures. I also have merchandise like Promo Pics, Video Tapes of me in Japan, and T-shirts available. So once again, thanks for stopping by and comeback as many times as you want. ENJOY!

Jeremy Lopez

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Click here to listen to an interview Jeremy did with The Interactive Interview.

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